Thank you for your interest in and joining APALM!

It is my pleasure to serve you as president and as a resource for your interest in Legal Medicine.

The highlights of my PA career include the following:

  • Clinically active PA for 26 years in emergency medicine, family practice and urgent care
  • PA program faculty for 12 years including the positions of Clinical Director and Program Director
  • Operating my own family practice and urgent care clinic for the medically under-insured
  • Establishing a successful company providing PA and NP expert witnesses in all medical specialties nationwide
  • Providing standard of care opinions in deposition and in court on hundreds of occasions over the past ten years
  • Professional leadership positions in Wisconsin and the AAPA for twenty years including twice State Chapter President

Our APALM board leadership is filled with talented and experienced PAs and some PA-JDs familiar with the standards of care expected of PAs. Your membership in APALM will give you access to all of our collective knowledge which we are happy to share.

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