This is a special interest group of the American Academy of Physician Assistants (AAPA) and is open to all AAPA members.
Through this website and our academy, we offer information, education and resources to our profession, and to the legal and medical communities.


Attorneys for the defense and prosecution count on our members to provide highly qualified medical-legal nurse consultants for Medical Malpractice,
Personal Injury, Nursing Home Negligence or any other case where the medical and legal worlds meet.

For Attorneys

REQUEST A PA EXPERT. APALM offers its Members and their expertise AT NO CHARGE to those interested in seeking PA experts to review medical records and testify to the standard of care of Physician Assistant practice. APALM’s membership currently approximates 170 registered members, most of whom offer medical-legal consulting services. Members are located throughout the United States and have listed expertise in Read More

Schedule an Expert Presentation 

Schedule an Expert Presentation A select panel of members of APALM are available to speak to your organization. These professionals will be happy to talk about the changing roll of PA Experts and PA malpractice. You may contact them directly. See the complete list.

Join the Team !

Our team members serve clients all over the country. You will be evaluationg and tstifying in cases for the defense or the prosecution. Click here to put your skill and experience to work.

Why Become a PA Fellow Member?

Why Become a PA Fellow Member? APALM strongly encourages all interested AAPA members to become an APALM Fellow member. Membership dues are only $50 annually, billed upon enrollment and each year thereafter. Through the act of paying your dues to become an APALM member, you explicity agree to follow the Ethical Guidelines for PA expert witnesses adopted by the Academy of Physician Assistants House of Delegates. Read More


As an APALM member you can get discounted membership in “Legal Shield” a prepaid attorney services program. Get access to every legal area from Family Wills and Trusts to Incorporation, Malpractice representation and much more. For additional information Click here.


If you are visiting us for the first time We encourage you to join us as a Fellow member. Your annual membership includes access to our monthly communications emails and articles as well as educational materials and lectures on PA scope or practice standards and research on PA malpractice. You have the opportunity to be part of a community including the most well-informed PAs in the country on medical -legal issues and the opportunity to be contacted and listed as an expert witness to testify on PA standards of care. Please see our mission statement for more information and the membership sign up page.